Zog Plakolli from Canada successfully completed his internship at IML

Zog Plakolli comes from the city of Victoria, BC in Canada. This year he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Microbiology, from the University of Victoria. Starting this September, Zog will continue his post-graduate studies at Humber College in Toronto ON, Canada, where he will study in the course of Investigative Forensic Identification. During this summer, he expressed his interest in attending the internship at the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IFM) in Prishtina, which would serve as preparation before commencing with post-graduate studies.

He attended the internship work in IFM from June to August of this year, by participating in all the activities provided by IFM related to the area of forensic identification, including forensic autopsy, participating in the forensic operations of excavation and exhumation in the field, examination of skeletal remains and bone sampling for genetic analysis for the aim of identification.

Throughout this time, Zog has shown extraordinary commitment at work in theory and practice, still above all he has displayed great human values which guarantee that one day he will be an accomplished professional in every aspect. Therefore, we wish Zog success in his academic path in the future, resting assured that one day he will contribute again to our society.