Information about Institution of Forensic Medicine


The Institute of Forensic Medicine aims to provide medical forensic services in line with European best practice by following international standards so that it can be a recognizable partner in the further Europeanisation of Kosovo. The promotion of the forensic service to ISO accreditation will guarantee the respect of the standards for the best medical practice in performing autopsies and laboratory analyses.Part of the mission is to develop and establish an accreditation system for forensic laboratories within the institute, as well as to establish an ‘overall quality framework’ for all sections of the institute, that will provide confidence in the results of autopsies and laboratory analyzes, i.e. access to international schemes for mutual recognition of calibration certificates, expert reports, as well as staff certificates of competency. International recognition of the results of autopsies and expert examinations will also enable the international transfer of evidence and criminal proceedings.


 By the respect of all ethical and professional operating standards at the IFM, the IFM will participate in the overall quality of the rule of law, which will furthermore increase the level of trust of the community. By achieving a consistently efficient and effective operation of the institute in accordance with international standards and best medical practice with a well-developed organizational structure that is established according to modern forensic standards, forensic processes at the IFM will offer transparency, professional allocation of working tasks, chain of custody of documents and evidence with a strictly defined system of hierarchy which will be exemplary and inspirational to the justice sector institutions in Kosovo.


 The strategic goals are elaborated through specific goals through which the system of establishing the strategy is operationalized. The Institute of Forensic Medicine provides professional forensic services according to European standards regardless of race, gender and religion. Accreditation of forensic laboratories according to International Standards (ISO), is the priority objective of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.2

Our Values

 Institute of forensic medicine shares core values that speak to our commitment to public service, and are reflected through our actions. Our values are integrated and guide our activities and decisions. We encourage the practical application of these core values through the culture we create, the work that we do, and the services we provide. Our values include:

1)One of our core values is independence, and confidentiality which are the basis of our work processes, our teamwork and professionalism;

2)Integrity because we remember that the pursuit of truth, honesty and impartiality is the cornerstone of our work;

3)Transparency and professionalism in order to increase scientific integrity and reduce conflicts of interests and

4)Quality in order to deliver quality in all our work, providing accurate results on time and using the best appropriate technology and methods.