IFM and IPA 2 project successfully finished the online lectures for public judges and prosecutors

The Institute of Forensic Medicine with the support of the IPA II project “Further support to forensic medicine in Kosovo”, have successfully finished online lectures “Introductory course in Types of Forensic Autopsies, Clinical Forensic Examinations and Forensic Laboratory Analysis Performed by IFM” for judges and public prosecutors.

The total 12 intensive online lectures for all 7 Kosovo Regions has been organized between 01 and 23June 2021.

The lectures has been provide by local and international experts of the forensic medicine. More than 80 judges and prosecutors (from different ethnic background), with almost 50% of woman participation have attended the lectures. In the governmental ease of measures for COVID-19, the project team will organize an open certification event for the lecturers and for judges and prosecutors.