Further support to the forensic medicine in Kosovo (2018/394-429

Kosovo is a potential European Union candidate that signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) in October 2015. The SAA provides a comprehensive framework for improved political dialogue and economic relations between Kosovo and the EU. It has direct implications on the justice sector by setting priorities in the field of justice, freedom and security, focusing on enforcing the rule of law, preventing and fighting corruption, supporting the recruitment and training of qualified staff within the justice system.

The EU has been contributing to the strengthening of the Rule of Law in Kosovo for a number of years. The project ‘Further support to the forensic medicine in Kosovo’ is a continuation of this support by increasing the capacity and capability of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IFM) in-line with international and European standards. The activities of this project are aligned with the Ministry of Justice strategies and the action plans. Cooperation and coordination with a range of institutions: EULEX; Kosovo Police including the Kosovo Forensic Agency; Prosecution Offices and the Courts will be emphasized to ensure the development of common procedures, best practices and standards.

The “Further support to forensic medicine in Kosovo”, project is financed through The European Union’s IPA Programme for Kosovo and is implemented by Expertise Advisors SAS (France), in consortium with University of Split – Department of Forensics Sciences (Croatia), Agencia Consulting Limited (UK), and Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (SCJS) Community Interest Company Limited (UK).

The project started on 4 February 2018 and is to end by 4 August 2022.

The project is composed of three closely interrelated components:

1: Organizational Component

2: Capacity Building Component

3: Cooperation Component

Overall objective

  • To support Kosovo authorities to strengthen the rule of law by further supporting general law enforcement and transparent judicial system, with a focus on forensic medicine services.

Specific objective

  • The services at the Institute for Forensic Medicine including the Missing Persons Operation are strengthened and modernised by enhancing its technical and administrative capacity.
  • The inter-institutional cooperation, the capacity and the efficiency in the field of forensic medicine and service to the overall justice system is improved.

Expected results

  • The Institute is able to provide independent forensic services in a transparent, professional and efficient manner in line with European standards;
  • The procedures on how the Institute cooperates, reports to and exchanges information with other institutions, such as prosecution, judiciary, Kosovo Forensic Agency, Kosovo Police, Government Commission on Missing Persons as well as medical community are put in place and implemented;
  • The capacities of the Institute’s staff, but also of other institutions where relevant, in the area of archaeology, anthropology, toxicology, forensic bio-chemistry, biology and missing persons are built and/or enhanced;
  • The toxicology laboratory within the Institute for Forensic Medicine accredited;
  • The cooperation between Institute for Forensic Medicine, judges, prosecutors, defence councils, police and civil society strengthened to ensure the complete implementation of the legal and procedural framework and awareness rising;
  • Cooperation with foreign institutions for forensic medicine and their networks strengthened.


The primary beneficiary is the Institute of Forensic Medicine, former Department of Forensic Medicine, within the Ministry of Justice. The secondary beneficiaries are the Ministry of Justice, Kosovo Police, courts, judges and prosecutors, Kosovo Forensic Agency, health services institutions, families of the victims/missing persons and other relevant stakeholders.


The Project offices are located at the IFM building in Pristina

Project team

Pr. Dr. Slobodan Oklevski – Team Leader (

Pr. Dr. Slobodan Oklevski from R. North Macedonia has over two decades of professional experience in the field of Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Forensic Science. He is an experienced Team Leader and a business process analyst in a number of forensic project designs, notably the ENFSI, Delegation of the European Union, Ministry of Interior etc. He also has 13 years of experience in education at different Universities as an associate professor in the field of Criminalistics and Criminology. He is experienced in development and implementation of a Forensic Case and Evidence Management System and technical expert in accreditation of ISO17025/2017. As a team leader his role is to ensure the IFM is prepared for accreditation according to the ISO 17025/2017 standard.

Prof. Dr. Zlatko Jakjovski – Key Expert 2 (

Prof. Dr. Zlatko Jakjovski, R. North Macedonia has more than two decades of professional experience in the field of forensic medicine and forensic genetics. Dr. Jakjovski is a full-time professor in Forensic Medicine and Medical Deontology at the Medical Faculty at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Dr. Jakjovski has been part of the project team as Key Expert 2 as of July 2019. He provides substantive and comprehensive support in carrying out the project activities, particularly in terms of supporting the IFM in its professional upgrading in the area of forensic medicine practice, laboratory analysis, assisting in the accreditation procedure, professional reporting to other institutions (i.e. courts) and other similar capacity building issues.

Gezim Plakolli – Project Office Manager (

Mr. Plakolli is in charge of day-to-day management of the Project Office and is assisting the Project team in organizing the non-key expert missions.