Launch Event Summary Institute of Forensic Medicine

Launch Event Summary

Institute of Forensic Medicine

5th September 2018


The overall objective of the project is to support the Kosovo authorities in strengthening the Rule of Law and judicial system, with a focus on forensic medicine services. The IFM is an agency under the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), with functional autonomy. The Institute, through its staff of medico-legal experts, performs medico-legal examinations such as medico-legal autopsy, clinical medico-legal examination, biological sample examinations and other forensic examinations, foreseen by law. Also, the forensic experts from the Institute are bound to perform their duties in an objective, independent, impartial manner and they must adhere to the principles of professional confidentiality concerning the collected information, analysis and other findings which they learn while performing their duties, as well as non-discriminating practices, pursuant to the law and respective by-laws.


The project modality and activities to be undertaken will provide the IFM with the necessary capacity building for the various forensic expertise and management/ strategic requirements, thus enabling the IFM to continuously grow and maintain high standards to international and EU levels.


Summary of Meeting


On the 5th of September 2018, the launch event was held at the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IFM) Pristina to mark the beginning of the European Union project ‘Further Support to Forensic Medicine Services in Kosovo’. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the EU Mission in Kosovo, the Kosovo Ministry of Justice, representatives of the Government of Kosovo, representatives of the Government Missing Search Commission, representatives of EULEX, ICRC, UK Embassy, IFM staff and media representatives.


The introductory address of the director of the IFM Dr. Arsim Gerxhaliu emphasised the importance of the project to the IFM and thanked the EUOK for its support. EU Mission Representative Mr. Luigi Brusa noted that everyone should be aware of the problems and challenges that Kosovo and IFM is facing in the field of applied forensic services and that although the EU has continued to support the IFM and Kosovo institutions, this is on the understanding that there will be advances in their effectiveness and efficiency. The Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Mr. Qemajl Marmullakaj, also emphasized the great challenge that is in front of the Ministry and the IFM to develop the necessary legislation and structures in which the IFM will achieve the standards and maximise its functions. In the end, team project leader James Speers explained in detail the project phases and the expected results.