Division for Forensic Medicine

Division is organized into Sector for Forensic Medicine Examinations and Sector for Forensic Laboratories.

Division for Research and Capacity Building

Division is organized into Sector for trainings and forensic specialisations and Sector for accreditations and certification & research and statistics.

Division for Identification, Coordination and Support

Division is organized into Sector for forensic anthropology and archaeology and Sector for family support.


The administration is organized to offer services for divisions within department. It has two main services: General Services and Logistics.

Information about Department of Forensic Medicine

The role and mission of DFM rises within the role and mission of the Ministry of Justice which has among others the function and responsibilities to exercise the responsibilities for issues dealing with forensics.

Department of Forensic Medicine under the Ministry of Justice is responsible for managing and maintaining forensic services based on internationally recognized standards and European best practices to provide medico-legal services, teaching and support services for families of missing persons. Read more  »

News Image Minister of Justice, Ms Dhurata Hoxha received a progress report of IP...

Minister of Justice, Ms Dhurata Hoxha received a progress report of IPA- project “Strengthening and modernizing the forensic services in Kosovo”. Team Leader, Dr. Sinikka Salo and Project Director Juha Rumpunen described the activities including high-quality training, developing technical capacities, and strengthening the administrative structures of the IFM. Minister Hoxha appreciates the international cooperation in […] Read more  »

New Law on Forensic Medicine come into force

The legal and procedural framework for forensic medicine in Kosovo has renewed. The Law No. 05/L060 on Forensic Medicine came into force on April 20, 2016. The purpose of the Law is to regulate the procedure for performing the medico legal examinations, the establishment and activity of the Institute of Forensic Medicine. By this law […] Read more  »